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Injection Removal FAQs

Seized fuel injectors are a common problem and removal can often be surprisingly tricky, and if things go wrong, end up being costly. Here are some of our clients’ most frequently asked questions about the hazards of blocked fuel injectors:

What Causes Seized Injectors?

There are many potential causes of seized fuel injectors. Mechanical failure that is usually caused by a fuel leak is the most obvious cause of a faulty injector, although electrical problems are sometimes the cause. Problems with the cooling system can also cause the injectors to overheat and cease to function properly. The most common cause, however, is grime – years of precipitate build-up will almost inevitably result in an injector blockage.

What Kind Of Damage Can It Cause?

A blocked fuel injector needs to be fixed as otherwise your car will quite simply not function as well as it should. Expect to see smoke from the exhaust pipe, bucking and surging under various throttle loads, difficulty in starting and a general decline in your car’s performance. The electronic fuel injection system will work less efficiently than usual; more fuel will be consumed, and the engine will eventually fail if the problem is not resolved.

How Is It Fixed?

Injectors can be unblocked, although it’s best to avoid build-up by taking your car into a reputable garage for a regular service. Broken or cracked injectors, however, need to be removed. Injectors need to be removed by specialists, such as our team here at Viking Auto Garage. You need to take your car into a garage that offers an injector removal service, as it is very easy to inadvertently damage your car by attempting to do it yourself!

The ideal solution is for the injector to be cleanly removed with minimal dismantling of the engine’s components and without any damage to your car.

What Does Your Service Involve?

At Viking Auto Garage, we have the equipment to remove fuel injectors without any need to remove the adjacent cylinder head and gaskets, which would risk damaging your engine. Our team of expert mechanics are experienced at injector removal and are proud of having an unparalleled 98% success rate. We service vehicles for customers across the Birmingham area and are well-known for our excellent customer service and highly competitive rates. Call us today for a competitive quote and an impeccable service.