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Common Faults With Your Vauxhall Corsa You Need Fixing

A nifty supermini, the Vauxhall Corsa has garnered a reputation as one of the most efficient, stylish and safe models for first-time buyers. Now in its third incarnation, mechanical problems can be broken down into 2000-2006 models and 2006-2013 models. This handy guide will give you the heads-up on problems specific to the Corsa; problems which our Vauxhall experts at Viking Auto Garage have become adept at resolving and repairing.

The 2000-2006 Corsa (Generations 1 and 2)

Not all Corsas will have all or any of these problems, but if these issues do occur they can be serious. If you suspect any of these problems we highly recommend having your Corsa serviced, particularly if it’s nearing time for an MOT.

•    Seat Adjuster Fault: the longitudinal seat adjuster can weaken with use and fail to lock the driver’s seat securely in place. This is a significant safety risk, but is easy to resolve with a service.

•    Airbag Control Unit Fault: faulty software has been known to cause an issue with the front airbag control unit, with some drivers unable to deactivate the front airbag when a child safety seat is installed. Contact us if this is a concern.

•    Cambelt Fault: problems can occur around the 40,000 mark, and failure to adequately maintain your vehicle in such a manner can result in safety issues and significant expense.

•    ’Wheel Wobble’: some Corsa’s built in 2004 were released with an improperly tightened centre screw in the wheel, causing it to wobble and affecting steering. This is an issue that needs to be resolve immediately, but which can be resolved with minimal time and fuss.

The 2006 – 2013 Corsa (Generation 3, inc. 1.6 Turbo VXR)

Later versions of the Corsa have their own model-specific issues:

•    Water Ingress: the ground-wiring connection has been known to let water into the ABS connector, causing overheating and a potential fire risk.

•    Suspension Problems: a welding problem in 2007 models can lead to fractures in the front lower suspension which, if unresolved, can lead to loss of vehicle control.

•    Steering Shaft Problems: also a problem of 2007 models, and for similar reasons, a lack of appropriate rigidity in the steering shaft can lead to fractures, snapping and loss of control.

•    Braking Problems: post-2008 vehicles need to be checked for adequate brake fluid, and need to be checked for mechanical wear and tear to the brake pedal bearings.

•    Handbrake Problems: the handbrake cable can become loose, resulting in handbrake failure.

•    Electrical Problems: some later models are prone to electrical problems, such as poor ignition and problems with central locking and deadlocks.

As a Vauxhall specialist, we like to think we know your Corsa inside out. We can give the best advice and an industry recognised level of expertise. Why not pop in today or contact us to find out how we can help you keep your dream machine on the road and in the fast lane.