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Essential Van MOT Checklist: Key Areas To Watch

If you own a van and the date of your next MOT is due soon, you will want to ensure that every single aspect of your vehicle is in full working order so that you can pass the test without any issues. Below you will find a comprehensive checklist that you can use ahead of the test to avoid large MOT bills and expensive repairs.

Vehicle Structure

The main body of the vehicle should be checked for any defects or damages that could pose a safety risk. These include evidence of corrosion, sharp edges, and cracks. You must also ensure that all fixings (bolts, brackets, and entrance steps) are securely attached to the chassis. If your van is a Class 5 vehicle, make sure that the steps and stairs do not pose a trip or slip hazard.


When it comes to the braking system, there are 4 main areas that are likely to result in a failed MOT. These include leaking brake fluid reservoirs, worn down brake pads, and sketchy functioning of the parking brake. If your van is fitted with ABS brakes, the warning light should function properly.

Load Security

Ensure that loading doors, tailgates, and boot lids can be securely closed and remain in a locked position when carrying heavy loads. If your van is fitted with external carriers of spare wheels, these should be securely attached to the body of the vehicle.

Suspension And Steering

Every element in the suspension system should be free of corrosion, fractures, and weld cracking. The steering wheel should be fully aligned and allow clockwise and anti-clockwise movement without needing to apply excessive force.

Fuel System

There should be no chafing or leaks in your fuel system. Fuel tank caps and washers must fasten securely and not be worn out or damaged.

Don’t forget that some areas (like the van’s engine, clutch, and its general mechanical condition) aren’t tested, but they are crucial when it comes to your safety and to the correct functioning of your van, so it never hurts to get them checked.

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